In the next version, I think the Magento team should...

Ebay - Sell on Ebay from Magento Backend !

(also this feature are avalaible ..already on other ecommerce tools)

**Listing Creation
-Bulk Upload Listings
-Single Product Listings
-Template Listings
-Save Listing Drafts

--Listing Enhancements
-Custom Listing Layout Templates

**Integrated Inventory Control
-Listings are linked to Products
-Inventory levels automatically increase and decrease

**Listing Management
-Auction Synchronization
-At a glance status
◦ High Bidder
◦ Current Price
◦ Reserve Price Met
◦ Etc...
-Archive Completed Listings
-End listings directly from Magento

**Productivity Tools
-Efficient Category Selection
-Browse Categories
-Recently Used Categories
-Bulk Upload Listings
-Save All references for Quick Listings

**Magento Integration
-Product Level Inventory Settings
-Linked Product Details and Images

**Storefront Display Module
-Display your auction items
-Display other seller’s items
-eBay Affiliate Integration
-Earn commission on referrals

**Seller Detail Settings
-About Us
-Contact Us
-Terms of Sale

**Popular Listing Formats
-eBay Auction Items
-eBay Store Inventory Format

**Flexible Pricing Options
-Use Product’s Online Price or List Price
-Offset Product Price +/- any value
-Reserve Price Support
-Buy It Now Support

**Photos and Picture Gallery
-Generates Gallery views automatically
-Integrates with Magento image search

**Full eBay Shipping Support
-Item Location
-Domestic Flat
-Domestic Calculated
-Local Pickup
-International Flat
-International Calculated
-Shipping and Handling
-World Services and Locations
-Get it Fast option

**eBay Item Specifics
-Improved search and visibility
-Add Attributes Quickly

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      • noman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi Magento is really good software but you need to add it with your website properly, i had some serious problems when i added Magento to my website, but my all problems were solved by the experts, there services in this regard are awesome, i recommend them for you as well.

      • Jeff commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Get some Middleware, this should in no way be part of the standard Magento package.

      • Chris Mousdale commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Since eBay own 49% of Magento - this needs working on, and we need official integration like the magento google base integration.

      • Mizpah commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hmm, I appreciate that people may prefer to have this 'free' within the CE version - but it does exist, and work already - (I use one of the 3rd party products)! As such although its a very 'nice to have' I don't think I would want Magento developers to spend time on this instead of other tasks (like documentation) , that cant be solved via a 3rd party module!

      • Arthur Yurovitsky commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hello everyone,

        My name is Arthur Yurovitsky and I represent Kyozou, a major player in the Multi-channel platform market, we have recently deployed our Magento-to-eBay integration into beta and are actively seeking testers.

        The process flow is as follows: (User: Beauty Now is right on the money)
        Inventory from Magento is synchronized into Kyozou.
        All listing/post-listing/order mgmnt/fulfillment occurs from within Kyozou (as we have the necessary tools already built-in to support an eBay sales environment).
        Magento inventory is decremented if item is sold on eBay, or incremented back to original level if item does not sell.

        Please contact me ASAP if you're interested in being one of the few to test this out (and get all the perks that come along with it).

        Arthur Yurovitsky
        877-596-9681 x231

      • eBay Magento Integration Extension is released!!! commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        ESS-UA are happy to announce release of the new extension - M2E Pro -

        Quick Overview
        The M2E Pro extension integrates Magento and eBay platforms. It allows quickly and easily creating and managing listings, synchronize Stock Level and import eBay Transactions and Orders. The extension interacts with any of 22 major eBay marketplaces, including eBay Motors. It is possible to use multiple eBay accounts and multiple Magento stores.

        By using Price, Description and Listing template users of the M2E Pro are able to enhance Magento product presentation as eBay item listing. It is possible to create listings of major Listing Types (Auction, Fixed Price, and Store Inventory).

        User friendly interface allows easy overview and management (revise, relist, and stop) of the listed eBay items as well as quick navigation to the items on eBay site and the associated product in Magento store.

        Flexible options for Stock Level Synchronization allow configuring level of synchronization, which applicable for certain Magento site environment. Depending on the settings the synchronization can be performed on both platforms – on eBay and on Magento site.

        Most important feature of the extension is eBay Transactions and Orders Importing. It is possible to import Transactions only or Transactions and Orders. The last one allows having all Orders for listed and sold items on eBay amongst Magento Sales Orders. These Orders are associated with the store, where the sold products were listed from. Depending on the settings, the Customer associated with Order is handled as a Guest Customer, Imported Customer or Single Predefined Customer. If Order item or shipping currency is different from Magento Base Currency, then auto conversion is performed, according to Magento Currency Rates.

        Extension allows access to the main activity logs (eBay Listings activity, eBay Data Synchronization, and eBay Transactions/Orders). Users are able to set settings for auto cleaning of logs – this allows decreasing volume of log information and keeping only necessary data.

      • Edith Karnitsch commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        My vote is for product upload to eBay and stock management (importing eBay orders back into Magento). The problem we hear all the time is stock control - selling items which no longer exists causes problems for both merchant & buyer and avoiding this would be a big bonus.

        I'm not sure whether we need all the other features. Sounds like a case of over-specing. I'd rather have a solid product upload & stock control integration and then handle eBay specific things in the eBay admin.

        So please:
        * let us us create eBay uploads from within Magento
        * integrate stock management so eBay orders are reflected in Magento

        Magento would then become the "master" source for products and stock and always reflect the true stock position.

      • rromero commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        good ideas...but remember that there are international ebay sites, take this into consideration so one can choose wich ebay store on what site to publish.

      • Mark Newby from Camiloo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        We are currently testing an extension for magento that supports real-time order importing from ebay. Also, we're currently developing a module for eBay users with Selling manager status - you can create products based on magento products, synchronise stock levels, set up product templates and control new listing automation settings.

        We're probably about a month or two away from public launch of this, and then we may make a simpler version which will support non-selling manager users.

        The tricky thing we want to offer is the ability to manage listings on multiple eBay websites at the same time - that's something i've not seen on other platforms.

        Kind regards,
        Mark Newby,
        Camiloo Limited (

      • Beauty Now commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Wouldn't this be better handled by one of the existing platforms for multi-channel retailing supporting Magento instead. The Magento backend is really only for small scale merchants, anyone doing serious business is going to want to use a specialist tool for inventory mangement and order fulfilment especially if they are multi-channelling. Sometimes it is better to have the right tool for the job rather than a toaster-phone...

      • mkrgoede commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This could be a great feauture and is definately something that would improve Magento as a leader in online commerce. No other competitor could give us full eBay support so in that matter I would love to see it at Magento!

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